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100% organic Teas


100% organic Tea

Specially crafted organic teas

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Organic Tea

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Boosts your immune system

Making the world a better place one sip at a time

Our shop specialises in organic products that not only tastes great, but also aids in boosting your immune system and health issues.

Our research towards our products have been extensive and we have carefully chosen each specific herb to aid a specific health dis-alignment within the body. 

We Use Organic Ingredients

Living Green

Boosts energy levels and enhances physical performance. Improves resistance to infections as well as detoxifies the liver and hepls lower cholesterol and increases mental alertness.

Heavenly Place

Helps slow the progression of chronic bronchitis, heartburn, acid reflux and bacterial viral infections. Improves blood sugar levels, reduce inflammation and treat hay fever symptoms. 

Fragrant Meadows

A body warming tonic - Considered to have anti cancer properties and anti microbial properties. Promotes healthy blood sugar levels to support a healthy heart.

Purple Orange

A blend of dried fruits with cinnamon. A sweet and spicy addition that adds a hint of tropical warmth. A great fruit infusion which can be enjoyed hot or iced

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Customers Reviews


I have had back pains for years and have been taking pain killers for it. Since using the organic teas my pain has literally subsided – I don’t have to take my pain killers now!

Mila Kunis

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The Organic tea ranges are superb! I have tried all of them but my favorite has to be the Heavenly Fragrant. I love the taste and I’ve noticed a perk in energy levels.

Mike Sendler
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